Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I here?

A: Not in the “cosmic sense” right? We’ll assume a “no” on that one, and suggest that every human being on the planet has thought… at one point in their life… about the exact things that are going through your mind right now. They just weren’t lucky enough to be on FindMyLostLove when they were having those thoughts.

Why didn’t I ask his name? How come I didn’t ask for her number or e-mail? Short answer: because you liked that person, were more than a little nervous, and probably felt a bit of social pressure not to be “that guy” (or “gal”). It’s okay. We would have probably done the same thing, which means we both would have ended up here to start our search to bring that person back into our lives!

Q: Really? Another dating website?

A: Actually, no. While there have been literally thousands (and are still at least hundreds) of picture/profile sites, FindMyLostLove is here to help you reconnect with someone you’ve already met.

Q: How do you define met?

A: Webster says, “came together with at a particular time or place.” Sounds great to us, but for the purpose of increasing your chances to reconnect, we’d like to also add, “and had an interaction you’d both likely remember.” That’s not to rule out the fleeting glance you shared as your subway trains were speeding in opposite directions, but if words, smiles and laughter were involved, your odds of making a memorable impression increase exponentially.

Q: Can someone I just met be a Lost Love?

A: Our hearts tend to connect us, then our heads quickly talk us out of it. Call us old fashioned, but we still believe in love at first sight. Soulmates, too. Besides, FindThatPersonIJustMetButDon’tKnowIfThey’reTheLoveOfMyLifeSoI’ doesn’t fit on a business card ;-)

Think about the number of people you’ve told about the person you’re trying to find. Don’t you think that person has told at least the same number of people? Someone you know knows someone they know, and they can’t stop hearing about you, just like you can’t stop talking about them!

The key to our approach is for you to list your encounter here, and then use our convenient links to raise awareness through social media. After all, what are friends for?

Q: Why should I believe that could really happen?

A: Because it happens every day. In this recent case, a girl posted printed signs around town, and then TWEETED for help.

Truth is, the vast majority of people genuinely want others be happy. We already set up our friends with people we think they’ll like, so if an opportunity comes along (and they think you’re the one they can’t stop hearing about), what do you think they’re going to do?

Q: So why not just go straight to social media?

A: Have you tried describing your lost love in fewer than 140 characters? Our brand is being recognized within social networks, and we’re linking directly to your post -- where you can describe till your heart’s content. And come on… you’re pleading for your friends to help FindMyLostLove… which of them isn’t going to be curious (and helpful).

Q: Okay, how much does it cost to post?

A: Nothing. Nada. Zip… ZERO!

Q: Will you charge my lost love to contact me, then?

A: No Sir, Ma’am, Ms., or Mr.

Q: Ah, so you’re going to litter the site with advertising and spam my inbox?

A: Nope. You won’t receive a single advertisement you don’t agree to receive, and we will never… EVER… sell your e-mail address.

If you haven’t already done so, please take a second to review our Registration page. We don’t even ask for your name. It’s none of our business, because this site isn’t about us. It’s about helping you find someone you met and would (presumably) like to meet again. We would be overjoyed if that happened, and at that point, we’d love to have you introduce yourselves...